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Animal Biomechanical Medicine/Chiropractic Care Melbourne

Domestic animals have long been man’s best friend. They include animals that are companions (dogs, cats and birds) or animals that are beneficial to us (cattle, goats, poultry birds). Regardless of what role these animals play in our lives, they shower us with love and loyalty.

Like us humans, animals also experience equal levels of physical trauma and stress on their bodies. This can potentially lead to tensions, pains, aches and various other neuro- musculoskeletal problems. It’s not only animals which are key parts of events or sports that suffer from chiropractic issues, but your beloved family pet.

Therefore, we offer animal chiropractic support in Melbourne.

At Lame Dog Chiro, we not only stress the spine-health of your animal but are also capable of easily accessing the extremity joints.

Leading Dog Chiropractor in Melbourne

Canine chiropractic is a specific area of Chiropractic. It’s primary focus is on improving biomechanical functioning of the canine spine and related areas of the musculoskeletal system. It may assist with function, decrease pain, promote a higher quality of life, assist in minimising and preventing injuries and optimise performance and a dog’s overall well-being.

The canine spine is a very important area of a dog. It is central to the dog’s locomotive activities including its propulsion, flexibility and the coordination of its movement. Back and neck biomechanical joint and muscle problems are very common in dogs, perhaps more common than in humans.

These problems commonly affect many breeds of dogs of varying activity levels. They may affect companion dogs, show dogs, athletic and work dogs and those that are a combination of all three.

How to Know if Your Dog Might Need Chiropractic Attention in Melbourne

  • Does your dog appear to be in pain or lacking normal movement?
  • Does your dog display difficulty standing or sitting?
  • Does your dog whimper in pain when touched?
  • Does your dog appear to have a limp or altered walking pattern?
  • Does your dog have difficulty sitting or hopping onto the couch?

The Difference Between Dog Chiropractic Techniques and Regular Chiropractic Techniques

For the most part, the principles and practices of dog chiropractic are extrapolated and adapted from those applied to humans, despite the obvious biomechanical and anatomical differences between humans and animals.

World-Class Animal Specific Chiropractic Techniques in Glen Iris

Aimed at providing nothing but the best, our initial consultation will cover a complete history of your pet to identify parts of their body that demonstrate lack of movement, weakness or tension. Animal chiropractic techniques employed by our Lame Dog Chiro Melbourne are extremely gentle. These gentle techniques release muscle tension and reinstate normal spine movement. We also use specific tissue-releasing techniques that specifically help your pet.

With us, you no longer have to worry about the spinal health of your beloved pet. If you still have queries, please feel free to reach at to us at our Glen Iris location on 03 9822 9900. We’re just a call away.

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